The Rumor Mill

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Kiarryn » 08/18/11

Character: Kiarryn D'Akyr

Common Rumors:

"Oh, that elf. She's a web of trickery. Some will tell you that she's such a fine young feir'dal, but that's only until you've kept your eyes on her, then you'll learn that she's just coated in magical lies. That one, she's a teir'dal." - said by an elder elf, in the markets of Qeynos.

"Lady Kia? I really do NOT know how she does it. She seems to be able to go wherever she wants, with whomever she wants. I’ve even seen her on the arm of a Lady at times! She must be one of -those- women, yet she seems so innocent and pure at time. Oh, it must be tiring to keep up such a life!" - the koada’dal Lady just waves her hand to dismiss the conversation, as she goes about her chatter with the other women in her gathering.

"Quite the woman of business, she is. It was as if she spoke directly to me and no other, and I could do nothing other than to accept her offer of goods for the payment she sought. Fine goods," the Human grumbles, holding out a woven tunic of shimmering metal, "but I'm not sure how she made such a deal. They say she's one of them... mind mages."

"Oh, she's just one of those traveler types, a Bard of sorts. I had the joy of traveling with her at one point. She fancies herself a trader, does a bit of weaving work. She's just a good woman, making her way in a changing world." The young feir’dal simply nods, though there's a bit of a dreamy look to his eyes.

"That teir'dal, the D'Kora woman, she was trying to get through the gates again. She said she had some 'official business' to deal with in the city. Charming, she is, but something just doesn’t seem right, and she had no papers for her trading.” The first guard looked to the second, a questioning shrug offered. To that, the second guard replied, ”Oh, let her in, it’s not as if she’ll cause more harm than the locals already do, eh?

”She’s nothing but a witch, pure and simple” – unknown speaker.

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):

It could all be true, to a certain degree.

Wanted: Just RP. Questions, interests, omgwtfs, feel free to send me a PM or catch me when I’m online!

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Inmora » 10/13/11


Common Rumors
-Is a ladies man.
-Is more than he seems and fights in a old way.
-Is able to speak a old dead language, some say fluently.
-Has runes or glyphs along his arms, chest, back, some even say he has them on his back as well.
-Is said he is neither good nor evil, but neutral.
-Is now a studier of old world items, but seems to have a uncanny knowledge of them.

Uncommon rumors
-Is thought to be imbued with more than just magics, old world magics.
-If has and how much rum hes suppose to have taken of the Pirate Neversea and where he hordes it.
-Is older than people think.

-Just fun RP.

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Re: The Rumor Mill: Chura

Post by Chura » 10/21/11

Character:Chura Wetfoot

Common Rumors:
could be set ablaze with a match due to such a high blood alcohol content.
caught some of the Commonlands on fire from a drunken stunt involving a mage throwing lightning.
Has made weapons for Gnolls.
once traded a golden sword for a bottle of wine
he passed out drunk on the bottom of the frost-fang sea and slept there three days before walking out.
had/has connections to Mistmoore, and other dubious organizations
tried to fight a platoon of shadow of fear guards, then several days later did it again and got beat up.

Wanted:Random Rp fun

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by DeFafnyr » 11/03/11

The below rumors may or may not be true:

Character: Danzlyra De`Fafnyr

Common Rumors:
*Eats fae and other sentient beings.
*Keeps dancing centaurs from last years winter celebration locked in a stable to pull a sleigh
*Has many mirrors due to her vanity
*Has taken up painting, taught to her by her niece Alicera.
*Owner of an ancient winery, vineyards, and a newer business of silk production. She does not dye them or produce the fabric. Her production is in farming the silk the silkworms abundant on the mulberry trees that rim the De`Fafnyr Valley. She is rumored to be looking into expanding into bees, honey and mead production.
*She murdered her first husband, her sister, her sister's children
*Her servants are extremely loyal to her
*The portal in South Freeport leads from Freeport directly to De`Fafnyr Valley's plantation mansion in Thundering Steppes.

Secret Rumors only spoken of in rare circles:
*Found the Ewer of Sul'Dal
*Broke the Ewer
*Replaced the Ewer with a fake and hid the real one.
*Never ever found the Ewer and used another means to remove those pesky crows-feet from around her eyes.
*Has a special mirror that has been in the family for over 800 years. Are all those mirrors due to vanity, or to hide such a mirror in plain site?
*Alicera is not Danzlyra's niece.
*She buys slaves that seem to disappear and are never heard from again.

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):
*May be hunting for the secret of immortality without the disease of vampirism or lycanthropy
*May have already found the secret and continues to seek out keys to immortality as a ruse to thwart those who would steal her discovery if they realized she already had it.
*She buys slaves, has them healed and educated, and taught tradeskills then gives them the choice of freedom with no strings attached, or to stay on and work for her, giving homes to them and their families. She's bad, but not all bad. She has her reasons for being the murderous bitch she's been most her life.

Wanted:Nothing in particular. Just putting the information up as a refresher since I'm back in Norrath, and to give others something to refer to if they want to jump in and random RP with her, or borrow her to witness some of their own story line, etc. I'm always up for supporting other people's storylines.

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Anyastasia » 11/03/11

Character: Anyastasia Am'Ardon

Common Rumors:
*She deals in drug runs
*She's part of a theft ring that focuses on ships
*She's a murderer
*She is nobility and has run away from her family/husband/lover/jailer
*She was in prison but escaped
*There's a price on her head in Qeynos
*She deals in airships
*She's an airship captain and engineer
*Her parents were part of an underground political scheme to overthrow the queen of Qeynos
*Her father wanted to be the new king of Qeynos
*She wanted to be the new queen of Qeynos
*The bags she carries have stolen money in the bottom
*The ship she pilots has a hidden storage area that she carries her stolen goods around in
*She's looking for her lost child/lover/sister/mother/brother/husband or equivalent to that.
*The airship she has was stolen
*The airship was won in a cards game
*Her uncle is actually the secret brother or cousin to Queen Antonia
*She has a secret tattoo that she's too embarrassed to show anyone on her lower back.
*She's a disgraced former paladin who has gone to the evil side for Lucan D'Lere

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):
*She does deal in airships. She is building her own currently but has a small personal airship that was given to her as a present.
*She is wanted in Qeynos for the death of three people.
*Her father was part of an underground political movement to stop a scheme meant to overthrow Queen Antonia but he was accused of harboring a fugitive by those people and killed.
*Her boat has a hidden compartment that is used to transport goods for others.
*She acts as a courier of goods to pay for the parts for her airship.
*She was nobility but the title was stripped with her parents' death.
*She is a disgraced former paladin
*Her refusal for defecting to Freeport has to do with politics and the belief that there is no such thing as justice.
*She adamantly hates policing forces like guards.
*She dislikes laws and chooses whether to hold or break them on a whim.


*Constant work in the means of delivery for people. It can be the oddest items or something normal, and contracts for reoccurring transport.
*To meet people to build IC friendships with.
*Hopefully a neutral guild that has a focal plotline.

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Ceebia » 12/04/11

Character: Ceebia

Common Rumors:
She left more behind from here youth in Kunark then she lets on.
Behaves irrationally around lovers.
Her wandering is mostly in Kunark.. like she is looking for something.

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):
She never really tells anyone how she really feels.
Carries a small pouch with personal a old personal token that is not her mark.
Wishes for a return of the days when all Iksar where a united people, not just one faith.

RP of course, rather open minded about it in the end.

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Trulaf » 12/04/11

Character: Trulaf, Imperial Commandant, Shadow of Fear

Common Rumors:
He's much older than even his wizened frame would suggest.

He was responsible for planning and executing several terrorist attacks in the city of Freeport and elsewhere.

He was incarcerated by the city of Freeport for his crimes. He is no longer in custody.

He's believed to have served in the Legions of Cabilis prior to the city's destruction; any exact date is utterly unknown.

He was seen on the front lines of the recent War in Antonica, fighting in the defense of Qeynos. He was not alone.

Years ago, he was possibly seen with a shrouded cabal of Iksar traversing Norrath with a very sinister goal.

It's been said that, despite his potent racism, he respects true Rallosians for their martial prowess.

His bones might creak and his scales might droop, but he can still strike like a crocodile.

He is fluent in Common, Thexian, Thulian, and Sathirian. He has a working knowledge of Oggish. His native tongue is Sebilisian.

His role as the impetus of the Sebilisian Civil War may or may not be known by the public, both Iksar and otherwise.

He spent a few years living in Nektulos Forest, where he adopted the Thexian tongue with surprising ease.

He sometimes writes self-insert fan fictions with himself as the glorious protagonist. Only one copy has been known to leave his office.

He loves to study history of any subject.

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):
He's about 300 years old.

His class is Berserker, but his fighting style is 100% Guardian: take the blows, wear them down, strike with economy.

The stronger his faith in Cazic-Thule, the more hale and hardy his body and mind become. The more his faith is shaken (not stirred), the more decrepit and weak he becomes. His days are surely numbered.

He will beat you in a staring contest.

He might seem to have multiple personality disorder; this is just an illusion. He has several hats that he has to wear at varying times. For example, he has the drill sergeant hat to train his soldiers, the guard duty hat whenever he is escorting the Empress, and the "I'm pissed that I have to work at a desk" hat whenever somebody complains to him, among various others.

He loves hats.

Wanted:A friend :(
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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Azreala Jithaz » 12/04/11

Character: Empress Azreala Jithaz, High Priestess of Cazic Thule

Common Rumors:
-Azreala Jithaz was hatched in the Feerrott, her family was murdered by adventurers venturing into the depths of the jungles.

-Azreala is the main figure head of the New Sebilisan Empire (Shadow of Fear)

-Azreala was once captured years ago by the Ratonga named Kikiriki. She was tortured and set to be excecuted but released by none other than one of their own ranking members.

-Azreala will never eat or drink at a tavern aside from the Golden Scale. She fears the risks are too high.

-Azreala was excecuted in West Freeport for her crimes against the city, however the excecution was carried out on her illusionist handmaiden named Gorsha.

-Azreala along with her legion had planned the destruction and successfully delievered the blow to the Knights of Freeport fortress island.

-Azreala never leaves the city of New Sebilis by herself. Always having one to six or possibly more bodyguards with her.

-Azreala is very faithful to Cazic-Thule.

-Azreala hates anything that is not iksar. If you are ever granted a conversation by her and you are not Iksar, you should consider yourself lucky. Conversations with her for those not being of her kin would be basically her re-educating you on the Iksar plight, as well as berating your kin.

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):

-Azreala is lonely. They always say it is lonely on top and in her case it is true.

-Azreala could count the amount of people she trusts on... one hand. Her mate, the Emperor (Most times) and Trulaf.

-Azreala never gets any free time to herself, she is either followed by personal body guards, roomed with a handmaiden in her apartments up top of their city or having the Commandant at her side every waking moment.

-Azreala is very paranoid, her mindset is always on the prowl for something that may look to hurt her.

-Azreala was rather freaked out to see her handmaiden Gorsha killed... after all the woman acted like her , spoke like her and very much in essence the excecution of Gorsha was like watching her ownself be murdered.

-Azreala sees the occasional vision and hears voices from time to time from the ancestors. Sometimes she will looked dazed when this occurs but she hides this fact from everyone except from a couple of iksar. Azreala is afraid that if they knew this about her she would lose her grip on power and the Empire may falter.

Wanted: Any rp, random or not :P

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Sakizar » 12/07/11

Character: Sakizar

Common Rumors: He was publicly decapitated the Warlord Jangs in Freeport and was reanimated by the Necromancer Zesra.

He might be schizophrenic.

He doesn't have any friends, because he doesn't know how to keep them; he's too concerned with himself.

He likes to dress nicely.

Although still young, he's a military veteran.

He used to be a very influential member of his Brood until his rapid fall from grace.

His appearance, and behavior, is very deceiving.

He's actually quite a powerful mage, and tries not to rely on his martial training unless he has to.

He spends quite a lot of time researching the occult, the taboo, and the forbidden.

His reanimation really screwed with his mind.

He recently underwent a necromantic ritual with a certain Kotiz for... undisclosed reasons.

He abstains from drinking alcohol.

He's probably best known as a bumbling idiot.

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly): He lies a lot.

He's not really a Thulian. There is safety in numbers, however.

He is much, much stronger than he lets on. Physically and magically.

He's heavily involved in the black market trade in Neriak.

Wanted: Any sort of roleplay.

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Psia » 12/10/11


Common Rumors:
  • Six months ago, Psia took an unannounced sabbatical from her work at the Raven Mythic Inn. Something she does at random. However, never for this long.
  • At roughly the same time, Psia handed her Nettleville pub, Psia's Hammer, to Shivarkah Viswords. Rumor might be that she actually sold it to him.
  • Has been seen as recently as two months ago, wandering the further reaches of the Raven property. Maybe even seen leaving the Raven property to walk past the lake. Toward "The Spike".
  • May have visited your library for a little research anytime from four to six months ago. Any city will do. She asked about volumes concerning ancient history. Such topics as: Odus. Paineel. The Void. Dresolik. Combine Spires. Luclin. Often asking Librarians to translate any complex, arcane terminology she couldn't grasp. She may or may not have understood what she was told.
  • Was nowhere to be seen to heal or offer political views regarding Freeports attempts on Antonica over the summer.
  • Was also recently spotted at Teren's Grasp. In the company of a Human in red mages robes. Or a Kerra in white mages robes. Or both.
  • Anyone traveling by land or air through the Commonlands on Windday (Wednesday) morning would have spotted a Skyblade Skiff sweep low near the Stone Circle. Psia Meese (or a tall, Kerra female if you don't know her), dressed in green, druids leather, with a two-handed warhammer slung over her back, boarded the vessel. The skiff then traveled slowly and took a brief pause over the Ulteran Spire before swiftly heading out toward the sea. Between the mountains bordering Darklight Woods and any Coastal Fortresses your character may be familiar with.
    • Anyone who may have spoken with the Erudite Portal Scion at the Commonlands Spire will note the Scion being disheveled by the Skiff's brief positioning above the spire. The Scion was not at all impressed.
  • About a month ago, may have been associated with odd activity of a skyblade skiff and a related press worthy breach of the Ulteran Spire network. (See also, 'Scions Report Suspicious Skyblade Skiff')
  • Anyone who may have inquired of Psia on Kerra Isle in the past month, may have been scoffed at or totally ignored at the mention of her name. No NPC's offered to elaborate if pressed.
  • Authorities in Paineel are seeking Psia as 'a person of interest' in an ongoing investigation.
Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):
  • To explain this player's six month absence from EQ2, Psia has been working on an unusual project related to her ongoing effort to secure the peace and security of the Kerra. And has made some odd acquaintances in the process. Her plans haven't all gone exactly as she intended. How bad it might go? Who knows?
  • Psia's research into ancient Norrathian landmarks brought her to The Spike. See the Raven FAQ. Duvessa is likely the only person on Norrath who may know what The Spike is or isn't. If she knows at all.
  • The two mages mentioned are not-often-played alts of mine. Who I'm using for this backstory. Both of whom are ambitious for different reasons.
  • Psia hasn't sold her pub. But left it in the care of her assistant manager, Shivarkah. A Vah Shir of good reputation. The business may open randomly until Psia resolves her more complicated matters.
  • Psia knows exactly what the breach of the Ulteran Spire network was about.
  • The skyblade skiff in question is, indeed, in Ultera. Why? Only Psia and those who help her with the skiff will know for sure.
  • Gnomes characters with unhealthy interests in clockwork technology. For some background RP which might randomly cycle back to your character. (PM me!)
  • Librarians interested in the backstory of Psia's visits. Might result in random RP later. (PM me!)
  • Erudites of any class or alignment who might consider themselves loyal to Paineel. And who wouldn't mind spatially or otherwise inquiring around RP venues regarding the whereabouts of a certain Kerra female.
"The food is good, the wine is excellent, the staff timely. All that is lacking is your company." - EQ2 Raven Mythic FAQ

"Let me tell you something. Don't. Don't let them promote you. Don't let them transfer you, don't let them do anything that takes you off the bridge of that ship, because while you're there, you can make a difference." - Kirk to Picard, Star Trek Generations

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Raeje » 12/11/11

Character: Raeje

Common Rumors:
I killed an entire royal family.
I’m really a man.
I can bend spoons with my mind.
I know more spells than a wizard.
I can kick any barbarian’s butt.
I lived in a shoe.
I have three extra toes on each foot.
I sang an entire opera for the queen. She loved it.
I have a sister called Nynae.

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):
I did not kill the royal family, but I accidentally sat on their turtle.
Although I act like a man, I am in fact still female.
I can’t bend spoons with my mind; I use my hands for that.
I don’t know any spells but I know how to pretend I do.
I cannot even kick a fae’s butt.
I tried to live in a shoe, but the shoe was too small.
I have no extra toes, despite how cool that would be.
I did sing for a queen. She died of fright.
Nynae is not my sister, she is my other personality.

Wanted: Me, want???

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Arrnasalkaer » 12/13/11


Common Rumors:
*She’s a scribe. Not the sort that occasionally crabs out calligraphy, but the sort who is well paid to hand write the fancy scripts or to meticulously copy books and scrolls.
*She’s done contract scrivener’s work for each of the major cities. Not enough to be a regular worker for any of them, but enough that they have her on payroll for when they need extra workers or a scribe with special skill (though not all of them use her name).
*She often spends time visiting the poorer areas of the cities, and has a semi-regular rotation of temples she visits. On these trips she’ll do free work for those who are illiterate and too poor to pay for her services. This usually includes reading letters and correspondence and writing letters in reply. (Any city but Kelethin)
*Half Feir’dal that eloped to Loping Plains with a lycan, on a flaming steed in the middle of the night. (probably only heard around the Raven)
*Grumpy, snarly, snarky little thing.
*She’ll help someone who really needs it, as long as they don’t betray her or try to hurt her.
*Pretty much ignores rumors about people and prefers to learn about them directly.
*Has a habit of sending snowstorms after people who get too close to the mountainside entrance to her house. … unless there’s a real storm or they are hurt. Then she usually gives them a place to stay for the night.
*No way does she actually live in that one room house. (Door to cave home proper is hidden)
*She’s a murderer. (Kelethin)
*The murder she’s accused of was self-defense. (Kelethin)
*She was released because the murder couldn’t be proven. (Kelethin)
*She was released because a Prophet/more than one Prophet spoke to the Queen of the Fey regarding her case. (Kelethin)
*She was released because the right people were bribed. (Kelethin)
*She can talk normal, and even proper, if she wants to. And she actually has a pretty good voice.
*She doesn’t seem to ever worry about money, though for sure she doesn’t hardly ever buy really expensive things.
*Walks everywhere that she can’t teleport.
* (more difficult) She does do some, shall we say, less than legal scribe work.
*She sneezes lightening.
*She has multiple personalities. The blue-eyed one’s a killer.

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):
* She changes police/security reports that have her name in them, or a description of her. This is –always- true if she was in the middle of something that is questionably legal or violent. Those get changed to a tallish Arasai or Fae (depending on the city) with grey on black wings and grey hair named Maia (means “lesser blessing”). When she does this, she copies the original report handwriting so closely that even the report writer will have to question their memory of what they wrote.
*Accordingly, she has a fey illusion that matches the Maia description.
*The illegal and borderline illegal stuff she does all goes through a middleman and a long series of couriers that are set up in very elaborate system to keep confidential materials safe and to keep anyone from actually knowing for certain what little bit of illegal stuff she has in her hands at any one point.

Fun stuffs? XD I like RP. Just about any time I’m on Arrna, I’m good for RP. If we’re in a situation where something really and truly screwball or painful is going to happen – I’m probably expecting it if I’m paying attention at all… XD And if we need to do something massively disfiguring or whatever, just talk it out with me OOCly before hand. Otherwise… she’s digital. <pats poor Arrna’s head>

edited for typo. :p

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Slipps » 12/14/11

Character: Slipps Smallcorners (Also Sliipps)

Common Rumors: (And that OOC stuff!)
She used to be a Knight of Freeport (True)
Her assigned Knights tried to kill her (True)
She was/is a highly trained agent of ODE in Freeport, the training included poison resistance, assasination, breaking and entering, information retrieval, interrogation, resistance to interrogation, among others (True - however she has a natural talent for many of these things they simply added onto)
She is a thrall in the Shadows of Fear (False, but she is rather fond of Azrealla much to the dismay of her mate and friends)
She is part of the Vagabond Knights (True)
Her assigned Knight tried to kill her (True)
She was/is part of a House/Gang in Freeport (True)
She used to have a Teir mate (True)
She left him for a Ratonga (True)
She is seeing another 'Tonga behind that one's back (False)
She thinks Polygamy is a religion (True! But she does not pratice this herself)
She is/was mentally linked to these males (True, however this is not common knowledge outside of an extremely tight circle)
She is mentally linked to a coercer (False-ish)
She is gravely ill (True)
She refuses treatment (False)
She only has one functioning lung (True)
She is Void infected (False-ish)
She is a courier for both Freeport and Qeynos (True-ish)
She is an information collector and disperser, okay...spy (True-ish)
She keeps trying to retire (True)
She is rather well off (True-ish, while not extravagantely wealthy, the singer is not worried about finances either)
She is a teacher (True - she tutors music, reading, writing and simple math)
Her third language is Common (True, she learned Thexian after her native tongue, and is fair enough in several others due to her ediatic memory)
She cannot have pups (once True, time will tell if False)
She has adopted three children (True)
She is the youngest of 42 (True)
She is young for the life she has lived (True, the singer is IC'ly 19ish, her adventures started at 14)
Her sibling, one of them, tried to kill her (False, assorted cousins on the other paw...)
She writes her own material (True)
She once stuffed 20 Templars into cabinets in the KoF Medsec (True)
She is impossible to hate (False, surely someone out there finds her incredibly annoying? They must, the poor thing is full of holes)
She is considered a 'brown' Druid (True! The Warden variant, Sliipps, gets her power from the earth)
She is quite good with her bow (True-ish, she is learning! There is a baby Ranger variant)
She is a bar wench (True for the Soulfire Club and the Spider)
She is also known as 'Lyre Yez'Ra', a strikingly beautiful ebon Teir (True, though only a very few know the singer is the dancer and lately Lyre has not been seen much at all)

Wanted: Well, what can she do for you? Carry a package/message from one place to another securely and IC'ly? Sing you a song? Meddle?

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Kosovos » 12/18/11

Character:Kosovos Myil`Xi

Common Rumors:
-He Is called Red
-His Scale colors are...surprisingly rare.
-He has many scars
-He is a tinkerer
-Hates Neo-Iksar empires
-Is a High-ranking Vagabond Knight
-Undying valor
-Follows the Seventh Hammer
-Very polite to those who show respect
-Only calls a close few Iksar, allies
-Is a Linguist
-Former Diplomat of Gorowyn
-Makes his own contraptions (Weapons, Norrathian Flashbang.)
-Hates Vampires
-Has an Undying hatred towards Deimos
-Especially hates Liches...Iksar Liches take the cake.
-Very well trained in combat
-Has a Son who is a warlock
-On Freeport's Most wanted list
-He's a sarnak in Qeynos!

Rare Rumors:

-Blood father was once a Voice of the Gorowyn Council.
-Is the youngest of two hatchlings.
-Blood Mother was a highly decorated soldier.
-Blood sister was Recorded to be Killed in Action
-Has a Burynai Assitant Known as Gaerwyn Myil`Xi (Known within the VK however!)
-His Katana was actually his mother's passed down to him from a near-death incident
-Did very well at a time tried to kill his own squire when they were enemies!
-Accepted Said Squire and now is protective
-Has a Human Son still in his toddler years due to an enchantment
-Lost one mate, became a widower
-Later mated to a halfing who fixed his broken life
-Was Trained by a popular Paladin
-Was at a time called a spy for Gorowyn
-At a time was paranoid
-He wrote the Freewriter
-Is hated by Deimos for foiling two plans
-He knows how to play a Didgeridoo

Roleplay is always good!

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Kalmaraa » 03/18/12

Character: Kalmaraa Di'Zin

Common Rumors:
Is a high ranking in Gorowyn's heirchay.
A skilled veteran from both Gorowyn's home front and the Irontoe one.
Wonders why some folks call him Kal.
Easily confused by social functions.
Tends to walk around openly anyplace he goes, even Qeynos.
Is never seen outside of plate armor.
Has no sense of humor.
Tends to become reserved around couples.

Rare rumors
Has no family on record.
Once killed one of his commanders in a duel when he was a sentry.
Loathes and hates the idea of slavery.
Hates the concept of being alone.
Is very protective of those he sees as helpless or friends.

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Kvanilya » 06/15/12

Character: Khimyra

Common Rumors: ((Most of these are true.))

* Myra collects pants.
* Her collection is vast, some of the pants seem VERY old too - Pre-Shattering era.
* Myra owns a tavern in Freeport and offers free drinks for the night if you bring her a pair of pants for her collection. Her tavern is ALWAYS open.
* Myra is actually from one of the noble lines of Neriak.
* Myra is a relative to the Thex line.
* Myra has many lovers, both male and female of many races.
* Myra is one of Lucan's lovers.
* Myra owns a brothel.
* Myra worships Innoruuk.
* Myra worships Erollisi Marr.
* Myra worships Anashti Sul.
* Myra worships Bristlebane.
* Myra will enthrall you with her magic if you don't just give her your pants.
* Myra has slept with most of the guards in Freeport.
* Myra has slept with most of the guards in Qeynos.
* Myra has slept with most of the guards in Neriak, Gorowyn, Kelethin, and Maj'Dul.
* Myra is secretly in love with Rivald.
* Myra is secretly in love with Melago.
* Myra has a daughter somewhere.
* Myra coerced Antonia Bayle into sleeping with her just to take her clothes.

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):

* Myra has taken over the Violet Instigation but is keeping it under wraps and sending out things under the guise of the previous head - for now.
* For some time now Myra has been slowly corrupted by the entity from her weapon, Leandre.
* Myra is also being used against Drigg by Zek.
* Myra isn't as interested in all things sexual and flirty as she seems.

Wanted: ((OOC below))

* Those of the Violet Instigation or those interested in being part of a spy/information network. Myra's tavern is a known place for being a smuggler's hub/place to leave or pick up messages for contracts.
* Those who follow Rallos Zek feel free to help with Myra's corruption. Right now I'm looking for those to help make her more willing to kill as in murder and help to make her more evil.

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Xyri » 09/27/12

Character: Xyri D'Lval

Common Rumors:

- "...The new neighbor is certainly silent during the day, but at night? Oh. It makes one wonder."
- "I heard that she's related to one of those stuffy fae loving high elves!"
- "Well, last I heard? She's heir to a fortune. HOW ELSE could she be affording such nice things?"
- "Pfft! Clearly she's involved in something illegal."
- "Who is she anyways? It's like she came out of thin air..." "Bet it's a new identity." "Oooh, but who?"
- "Yanno, word is that she is a dancer."
- "Funny thing is by dancer, you mean selling her wares on her back."
- "Supposedly the girl is military."
- "That one was trained with an Inquisitor. Don't go in her office."
- "Have you read her books? They'll pop your corset they're so scandalous!"
- "She's a Freeblood sympathizer."
- "I've seen her around a few of less than reputable organizations. Clearly, she is a criminal."
- "She is always the mistress, never the wife."
- "The woman is at war with her own blood! How disgusting." "Over a man at that!" "Funny, I heard it was over inheritance."
- "Oh that D'Lval woman? I heard she's vying to be the next Overlord." "Lofty ambitions."
- "Vying? No, she worships at his altar."

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):
Tsk, tsk! Takes out all of the fun if I tell you now!

- RP period! I'm new here and looking to make friends IC and OOC!
- Need someone for your RP centered around darker elements? Look no further. Underworld dealings are where it's at (re: Importing stolen goods, obtaining relics, simple mayhem, seedy clubs and even seedier climbs up the ladder of avarice... I think you see where this is going).
- Willing to play an antagonist that doesn't make your life miserable OOC!
- ...I can list all day, but honestly? Just throw ideas at me and we'll see if it sticks!

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Layla » 01/15/13


Common Rumors: Missing, which has been proven to be false

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly): She's on a private rescue mission.


Common Rumors: On an extended vacation

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):
This is true! Will be in and out of EQ2, and she'll be ICly in and about. Open to rumors she's been spotted in odd places she's off on a pirating adventure!

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The Rumor Mill

Post by Bishop » 08/26/13

Character: Szinal D'Rret

Common Rumors:

They say he...

"is some sort of Bishop."
"is making a name for himself in the slave trade."
"soiled himself at the Maiden's Fancy while watching a performance."
"is a vampire, I mean really have you ever seen him eat anything?"
"is the perfect gentleman."
"has lived a sheltered life."
"never tips."

You didn't hear it from me, but I heard...

"he has a fetish for gnomes."
"he was responsible for the mutilation and slaughter of thirty women and children."
"he despises women and is married to a man."
"that Bishop doesn't really follow Innoruuk, but is in fact devoted to Rodcet Nife."
"he takes confessions at his home in Timorous Heights."
"he is addicted to hallucinogenic mushrooms, says they allow him to speak directly to Innoruuk."
"he is a notable author, only sells limited copies of his works."

People whisper that...

"the Bishop wasn't really sheltered, he was imprisoned!"
"he works for Dreamort at the Palace."
"he dresses like a woman in battle."
"he doesn't wear anything under those robes of his."
"he is heartless."
"he holds sermons at a house in Freeport."
"he despises anyone that isn't Teir'dal and is at best hostile toward them."

The other day, when I was at the market I saw him...

"standing at the docks crying."
"whipping a woman in broad daylight!"
"run up to various people and flash them!"
"passing out pamphlets while he was standing on a box preaching about Innoruuk."
"shoving a large rolled carpet over the side of the docks, if you ask me there was a body in it."
"begging for coin."
"take a heavy looking backpack in exchange for a woman with her hands tied behind her back. Who does that?"

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):

Keep in mind that all of these rumors are just that - rumors! Some might be half truths, others might be entirely true, and even more might be entirely false. Aside from that: nothing. I'll let people find out more themselves.


Chaos and corruption. Beneath everyone's skin there is a reflection as dark as he, and Bishop will go to great lengths to prove it. Hatred and fear are powerful tools at his disposal.

Open to possible story lines that would allow the character's growth. PM me here, mail Szinal, or whisper me in game if you would like to plot a story line!

I give permission to guards, Knights of Freeport, or otherwise lawful character types, to act upon Bishop in conflict type roleplay.

Always welcoming of random roleplay.

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Winkles » 08/30/13

Character: Winkles

Common Rumors:
About herself, her family, and her past:
  • -She was adopted.
    -Her mother had an affair with a gnome and Winkles was the result.
    -As an adolescent, she once ran away with a much older fellow from Freeport.
    -The hair on her feet is false.
About her love life:
  • -She's still a virgin.
    -She's not a virgin.
    -She'll trade 'favours' in exchange for JumJum.
    -She makes love to clockworks.
    -The scent of engine grease turns her on.
Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly): Nah, we'll just see where it goes.

Wanted: Random role play and buddies. I am trying to get back into it after years of, um, not. So far I haven't had much luck. I live in England so I'm on GMT. I also can't/won't be on all day or every day, so really I just need casual, spontaneous RP, and/or friends I meet up with whenever we happen to be on-line at the same time.

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Lella » 02/18/14

Character:Lella Lombardi

Common Rumors:
Been promoted to Field Marshall by the overlord. (apparently hates the position and ignores the fact she is meant to lead from behind the lines and is always at the front of her army)

Currently leading forces of the Freeport army in defence of the commonlands from orc assaults.

Has been petitioning to attack the island of Zek to take out the orc threat there.

Once took on 100 orcs by herself including a warlord and chosen of Zek.

Apparently can not die after the god of war cursed her for killing his chosen.

Is a member of The Black Watch an elite special forces group made by the Overlord for joint operations with other cities.

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):
Sold her soul to Rallos Zek to save the life of her sister, he cursed her with returning her to life every time she is slain. Her sister was spared death by the Deathfist orcs how ever they did not release her from their captivity.

has a fear of Dragons.

Wanted:Role play... and player knowledge of her Rank in the city. Being such a ranking officer in the military.

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Tariyel » 03/25/14

Character: Tariyel Baen'Eyl

Common Rumors:

- She is not even a year old yet.
- She is an abomination.
- She grows at an un-natural rate.
- She is the Lady Commander's niece.
- She is related to several ranking members of the Third Cavalry.
- She is a Princess.
- She is a Demi-God.
- She is adopted.
- She is Void tainted.
- She fights like a demon possessed in the arena.
- She is as skilled as any ranger with a bow.
- She can shape shift into a Kerig'Dal
- She can shape shift into a child.
- She is dream given substance.
- She is Blessed by Zek.

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):

About half of the above are true. Some can be found out via RP, but she generally has little to say about her origin's because she simply does not know yet. She is not a demi-god though. She is half Tallonite.

Random RP is fine if you come across her.
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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Basel » 03/26/14

Character: Chancellor Basel Noire

Common Rumors (Easily Overheard):
  • She is a well established decorator.
    She never goes to taverns.
    She smokes tickleberry weed to stay awake.

Common Rumors (Average):

  • She is a vampire.
    She is the leader of the Underground Decorating Society.
    She is likes to help people in the Community.

Common Rumors (Moderately Difficult):

  • She has a Notary Public on the payroll.
    She runs a smuggling company.
    She is related to Papa Jacques.

Common Rumors (Very Difficult or Rarely Overheard):

  • She is not the true leader of the Underground Decorating Society.
    She is a Black Market Trader.
    She is has no interest in Freeport nor does she give two coppers about the Overlord.

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):

A handful of the above rumors are true; the rest are false or distorted half-truths. She tends to play personal stuff pretty close to the chest. She has serious trust issues despite the cool demeanor she exudes to those of her inner circle. She hates it when people blather on about themselves and has a tendency to come off brash or too blunt. She doesn't apologize for who she is, and honestly she doesn't give a damn what people think of her.

Wanted for Interesting Role Play:

Any inquiries about the above rumors, just please keep in mind the "Average Joe" would be very unlikely to have heard the more difficult ones. She enjoys visiting with others when and if her schedule permits it.

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