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Fan Faire Return in the Works!

Posted: 01/23/19
by Psia ... fan-faire/

No details yet. But I'm hopeful. It would go a long way toward strengthening community building again for our games.

Re: Fan Faire Return in the Works!

Posted: 01/23/19
by Psia
Here is Holly Longdale's full blog for the EverQuest community. No related news yet at the EQ2 site. ... nuary-2019
Hail, Norrath!

This year we celebrate 20 years of EverQuest. Unbelievable.

We are truly humbled that this incredible game – as much yours as ours – has achieved this rare and unprecedented milestone that began all the way back in March 1999.

EQ’s launch feels a world away now, lest we forget dial-up modems, Y2K panic, CRT monitors, 640x480, open-book medding, corpse runs, lost corpses, ninja looting, guild drama, dawn of DKP, and so many other moments. But the most important outcome of EQ has been all the friendships and lives touched by this game over these 20 years.

We’ve heard so many amazing stories of EQ bringing people together in love, marriage, and even into the joys of parenthood. We’ve also experienced the power of our game community during the hard times, softening the pain of illness and tragic deaths by participating with EQ families. We all have an EverQuest story to tell.

For me, before I became a game designer on EQ in 2003, I had already met nearly 20 or 30 guildmates and in-game pals. I helped guildies get jobs, find new homes, and one even helped me get a job on EQ – Lyndro as he was known then. I still talk to that crazy, brilliant mage.

In this anniversary year, let’s live the legacy of EQ and turn it up to 20, and focus on what has made this game great – you, the community.

Our anniversary events in game in March include a brand new land, raids, and rares with a story about preserving our past, and it’s free.

We are aiming at two new progression servers with two approaches – one hardcore and one ultra-casual. Rules will be coming soon as we sort them out over the coming weeks with both new servers launching around the anniversary on March 16.

We also want to celebrate with you IRL! We’re working on pulling together an EQ fan event so we can hang out with you, our honored guests. Timing for that event is likely to be summer, but I’m hoping to announce more details on timing/location in March for those who want to plan ahead with your own family, guildies, and friends and join us!

And of course, we want to hear from each and every one of YOU! We're looking for player stories to help us commemorate this crazy occasion. Please send us a 20-second or less video of how EQ changed YOUR life. Upload your video to YouTube (public or unlisted) and send us the link here through Player Direct for a chance to be featured during our anniversary celebrations! You can also submit a 15-second clips featuring your main character on your most played server to become a part of our EQ 20th Yearbook album that will come to life on Facebook later this year.

On a personal note, I owe so much to this game, the EQ community at large, and this team. THANK YOU to all devs and players, past and present, for bringing EQ to life and making it home for so long.

There will be more announcements, so be sure to stay tuned. This year, we are LIVING THE LEGACY OF EVERQUEST!

Yours, always sincerely,

Holly “Windstalker” Longdale
Executive Producer

Re: Fan Faire Return in the Works!

Posted: 01/25/19
by Psia ... nuary-2019

Here are similar details from Longdales EQ2 blog.
Greetings, Norrathians!

As you may know, this year we are celebrating the launch of the original EverQuest, which shipped 20 years ago. Not to be outdone, EverQuest II is celebrating an incredible 15 years of adventure itself this year! Where does the time go, my friends?

EverQuest II will be participating in the EverQuest anniversary celebrations around March 16 with unique in-game content in the Plane of Mischief and a new progression server! The exact details and rules of this server will be announced as we get closer to that date in March, but we wanted to give everyone enough time to grab their guildies and start prepping for that launch.

But there's more coming! Next week we are preparing to kick off the Beta of a new event server, called Nagafen (of course), with revamped-back-to-old-school PvP and a seasonal approach. Lots of stuff has been ripped out to get it as close to original PvP gameplay as possible. Look for Kander to give you dates and details on the server next week. If it gets a good following in Beta, we'll look to launching it live!

There’s more than likely to be a few more announcements coming as we celebrate EQ and EQII and what makes our games great – YOU, the community. We are also working on an IRL get-together with our players this year in the summertime and will announce details around March! We want to celebrate with you!

And of course, we will have EQ2’s 15th anniversary plans for November this year, as well as another expansion that will take you to a whole new unexplored location of lore and legend. (A terrible hint, but that’s all I’m willing to say this early!)

I promise you that our dedication to you and this game is unwavering. Every moment we share here is focused on bringing this Norrathian fantasy to life every day, year after year. And we aren’t stopping – not by a long bowshot. The world of EverQuest has a bright future.

This game, and our livelihoods, have lasted these many years because of our players and fans. I, and our team here, are very humbled to have been on this rare and wonderful ride as we’ve grown and changed with you to become one of the deepest and friendliest MMOs around.

Please join us as we LIVE THE LEGACY of EverQuest and EverQuest II this year!

Re: Fan Faire Return in the Works!

Posted: 01/26/19
by Psia
I'm reminded of this, from back the day:

everquest-living-legacy-big.jpg (358.69 KiB) Viewed 364 times

Re: Fan Faire Return in the Works!

Posted: 01/27/19
by Slipps

Re: Fan Faire Return in the Works!

Posted: 02/28/19
by Psia
Was just playing on AB and I got some mail...
Unread Mail.jpg
Unread Mail.jpg (19.94 KiB) Viewed 188 times
Rise of Kunark House Painting.jpg
Rise of Kunark House Painting.jpg (132.15 KiB) Viewed 188 times