EQ2 - (FGW) Gigglegibber, Inc.

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EQ2 - (FGW) Gigglegibber, Inc.

Post by Lily » 09/14/16

(FGW) Gigglegibber, Inc.
Boglily's 2 Lucie Street, South Qeynos
Stormhold server

a contest entry for Niboota's "Frostfell in July Gone Wrong" challenge

Welcome to Gigglegibber, Inc. At the corporate headquarters of the Gigglegibber empire, you'll find the goblins busily getting ready for Frostfell and their annual company Frostfell party. They've got snacks, presents, and decorations! Bring your children to visit Santa Glug so they can tell him what they want this Frostfell season.

What could possibly go wrong?

album link: http://imgur.com/a/eP3Om

Inside the Gigglegibber Headquarters, the goblins are quite busy. This one is trying to decorate the tree.

"Dey needz ta hurry wit dat tree," he grumbles as he taps his foot impatiently. "Cuz dis one no good. Won't stand up!" He kicks the crooked tree laying on the floor.

Meanwhile, three different Santa Glugs are arguing over who will be Santa this year. One stopped his bow decorating to join the fight. The other stopped a little too close to the candles on the floor. of course, none of them have noticed Mr. Snowman getting his groove on with Mrs. Snowman... or that the other Mrs. Snowman has stabbed her Mr. Snowman in a jealous fit. That snowman should have been romantic!

"Is MY turn ta be Santa Glug," the first goblin says as he throws a bow at the second.
"Is not! You always ferget ta give out da coal!" He throws the bow back while checking on the bag of coal by the throne.
"I does not!!!" the first one shouts while flailing his arms.
"Youz got ta be Santa Glug last year," the third states, placing his hands on his hips.
"Nuh-uh! Boss Bigz wuz Santa Glug!" the second goblin glares. "He'z Santa every year."
"Anyone smellz sometin' burning?" the third goblin asks as he sniffs the air.

In the kitchen, a pantry is stocked full of snacks for the children. Seven carcasses, all freshly roasted, sit on the table across from the pantry while two goblins work to finish roasting the last reindeer.

"You sure we supposed ta cook da reindeer?" one of them asks as he turns the spit.
"Boss Bigz say make snacks fer da children. Dey's snacks!" the other responds as he arranges all the roasted deer.
"Too bad Rudolph ran away," the first replies as he pokes at the deer.
"Hurry wit dat last one! Kidz be here soon!" He checks the time on his wrist, even though he's not wearing a watch.

In the storage room, a strange drama unfolds as one goblin cowers in fear underneath the top of a tree. it appears to be coming from a dark hole in the ceiling surrounded by a blue glow.


A search of the rest of the storage rooms reveals a goblin trying to shove a tree through a red portal. It must be the same tree coming out of the ceiling.

"What does you mean 'wrong portal'?" he grunts as he lifts the tree up. "C'mon! Getz ta Santa room, tree!"

Entering the employee-only area of the headquarters reveals goblins busily wrapping gifts.

"You can't wrapz eggnog! Will gets the gifties all soggy," the goblin who is obviously supervisor folds his arms in front of him.
"Den wut doez I wrap?" the second one asks as he scratches his head.
"Go getz sometin' else from warehouse, stoopid!" The supervisor points at the warehouse nearby. It's stocked full of skulls, flaming rocks, live animals, and pelts.

Another gift wrapping goblin seems to be having a different kind of problem. He seems to be trying make bows out of ribbons, but all he's succeeded in doing is making little ribbon hangman's nooses.

"Me needz 'nother hand ta tiez bow..."

Going upstairs and past the conference room, you'll find a goblin secretary filing his nails into little sharp points. He pays little attention to you.

"Boss Bigz' office. you can goez away now," he says without looking up. "Mr/ Bigz is buzy at da moment."

So what is Boss Bigz so busy with? He's lounging in his stone throne.

"Goez away! I'Z buzy right now!" He wiggles in his seat and looks over the side. "I wunderz if I can recline in dis chair?"

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