Former Knights of Freeport, Historians, and Lorekeepers!

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Former Knights of Freeport, Historians, and Lorekeepers!

Post by Face_Humor » 06/28/18

As you reminisce, or check the integrity of your Notes and Journals, you notice something odd.

Leafing through the marked pages, some are torn out. The frayed edges leaving a hasty marker of inquisition. Only through re-reading the prior and forward pages gives and inkling of those lost..


Scholars or those sharing a close bond through experience are the ones who make the connection, but.. Why would someone do this?

(Large-scale theft of Journal entries, reports, etc. Mail Vonnas on Antonia Bayle for/with Details of above mentions therein.

Any entries containing information pertaining to Pallidmortis. Personal or Mission data logs/reports. Information taken can be to whatever degree you declare. You can choose to send me specific details, or just discuss amongst your peers that the pages are missing, spin the Rumor Mill, if you will.

This is a community endeavor, just looking to stir some interesting plot in the pool of Norrath!)


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